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Nightclub death update: New female suspect in custody for Kim Pham murder case

An update to the tragic nightclub death of Kim Pham has been made public this Friday evening. A new female suspect — the second woman observed on a video that recorded part of the brutal beating outside a Santa Ana hotspot — has been arrested and is now in police custody. Yahoo! News reports this Friday, Jan. 24, 2014, that police are continuing to examine the murder case of the 23-year-old woman recently removed from life support after she was literally beaten to death.

Photo of Kim Pham, the murdered victim
Facebook File Image, Photo

Although her identity has not been revealed at this time, a second woman is now in police custody in the shocking killing of Kim Pham. Local law enforcement chief Carlos Rojas has said that a 27-year-old has been placed under arrest in the nightclub death following an ongoing homicide investigation. After being attacked and brutally beaten into the pavement outside The Crosby last Saturday night, Pham was put on life support. The 23-year-old woman died when she was removed from the life-giving ventilator this Tuesday.

The first woman who was charged in the murder, 25-year-old Vanesa Zavala, has pleaded not guilty on the charge of first degree murder this Wednesday. Rojas has not revealed all of the details known on the case at this time, but an update from the police chief has made it clear that Zavala and a possible four others were leaving the evening hotspot when they “happened to cross paths” with Kim Pham’s own group. The deadly fight soon resulted.

According to the press release on the nightclub death, a third person of interest — another woman whose identity does not appear to be known at this time — is being actively sought out by local officials.

“Investigators were unclear how the confrontation started, who said what, or who specifically was fighting, but they believe Zavala and two other women fought with Pham … Police don't know the identity of the third woman, but she is still considered a "person of interest" and investigators would like to talk to her. Officials also initially thought that two men also may have taken part in the fatal beating, but Rojas affirmed now that investigator are under the impression only the women were involved. He said police would still like to talk to the male suspects, however.”

At this time, authorities do not believe that race played any factor in the nightclub death. Kim Pham was a Vietnamese-American, while Zavala is Latina. The new female suspect’s identity is expected to be revealed while in custody within the week.

"We don't see this as a hate crime or anything of that nature," concluded the source.

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