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Nightclub death of Kim Pham: Second suspect arrested, 3 more to go

The nightclub death of Kim Pham last Saturday in Southern California has launched a search for five suspects involved in the 23-year-old's fatal beating. So far police have arrested two women -- one was apprehended Wednesday and a second one on Friday, ABC News reported Jan. 24.

Police Chief Carlos Rojas said thesecond suspect in the nightclub death of Pham is a 27-year-old from Santa Ana. Her name has not yet been released. The first suspect arrested is also from Santa Ana -- Vanesa Zavala, 25. She pleaded not guilty to murder on Wednesday.

23-year-old Pham of Westminster was on life support then went into a coma after she was viciously attacked following an argument outside The Crosby nightclub at 12:30 a.m. Saturday. Five people jumped her and began beating her until she fell unconscious. She was removed from life support Tuesday and a coroner confirmed that she died of head injuries.

A third woman is a "person of interest," but authorities do not know her identity yet. At first investigators believed two other men took part in the nightclub death, but now they think it was the three women who beat her up. Police want to talk to the men present.

This is a heinous crime, but one police say is an "isolated incident" and not a hate crime.

Seems like more and more of this violent activity exists among today's young people. The trend is quite disturbing and may get to the point where people should bring along at least one or two people with them when they go somewhere at night. The nightclub death of Kim Pham is a harsh reminder of how dangerous it can be.

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