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Night sky events for the week of June 28 2010


Hello Sky Watchers!

This week we will be weaning down from the Full Moon that ocurred on Saturday June 26th and we'll see the Last Quarter Moon on Saturday for the 4th of July.

The Summer Triangle continues to rise up the eastern horizon in the evenings. Notice its brightest star, Vega on the top corner with Deneb on the left corner and Altair on the right. Then, shortly after that, you can see the Dolphin constellation as it comes up on Altair's lower left.

On Tuesday the 29th and Wednesday the 30th you can view Saturn's largest moon, Titan, with a small telescope. Find it about four ring-lengths away from the planet's east.

Another great summer constellation is Scorpius and in July it stands high up in the south-southeastern sky at nightfall.

Leo the Lion is in the western sky at dusk and it's tail star, at the end of the sicke, is Regulus. On Thursday the 1st, you can see Regulus as it forms a diagonal line with Venus to it's lower right, Mars to it's upper left and Saturn at the top ledt spot of the line.

Jupiter is up at about midnight now and it is still around just before dawn up high in the southwestern sky. It is easily seen as the brightest object in the sky at that ime.

Look up and smile!

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