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Night sky events for the week of July 19 2010


Hello Sky Watchers!

This week we have the Full Moon occurring on Sunday the 25th and with that, as we know, will come a handful of nights that will be washed with moonlight. When the moon reaches its Last Quarter phase, it's a great time to observe it with a telescope or binoculars to get the best detailed views.

The Big Dipper is hanging on its dipping position to the northwest after dark these days; you can also see the brightest star on the west at that time, which is Arcturus; find it by looking to the left of The Big Dipper.

Continuing with its spectacular show on the west during and after twilight is Venus, accompanied by Saturn, Mars and Mercury, which is low on the horizon.

The Scorpius constellation appears on the southern sky about an hour after sunset. See the Moon make its pass by it as it waxes to almost full from the Tuesday the 20th to Thursday the 22nd. It will go right by Scorpious' brightest star, Antares.

On Friday the 23rd you can spot Saturn's moon Titan to the west of the planet. See it with a small telescope at 9th magnitude.

Jupiter is coming up at 11:00 p.m. and by the early morning it is shining up high in the southeastern sky. It is easy to spot at dawn as it is the brightest starlike object in the sky at that time.

Look up and smile!

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