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Night Owl is nice 'n naughty for Valentine's Day

Night Owl, at Manulife Place, offers high quality, fashion forward under garments - for her & him
Night Owl, at Manulife Place, offers high quality, fashion forward under garments - for her & him
Photo courtesy of Night Owl

Okay, you just might want to reconsider some of your cynical notions about Valentine’s Day…

Do you know of the day’s origin? It began in Ancient Rome with the 14th being declared a holiday to honor Juno, Queen of the Roman Gods and Goddesses.

Now if that wasn’t cool enough… Juno was the equivalent of the Greek Hera, Queen of the Gods. She was, as they say, a “majestical figure”, and the peacock (naturally) was her symbolic animal.

Juno was the protector and guardian of the spirit of females.

So whether you’re happily hitched, merrily married or single (for the first time in our country’s history, Stats Can reports there are more singles than married couples) make February 14th a day to remember its historic roots – and to celebrate your inner goddess!

And to help you do that is Night Owl, a specialty lingerie shop on the second floor of Manulife Place, beside RBC. It’s been around as long as the building has… same store, same management… some impressive 30 years.

It’s a personal favourite of friends and colleagues and its store owner, Gloria Barrigan, let me in on the new stock that’s arrived just in time for the weekend.

“For the ladies we have these ultra glam baby dolls… think Mad Men theme,” says Gloria. You’ll find them in rich colours and vibrant prints. Note too, the red chiffon number is irresistible.

There’s bling bras in red, black and other bold hues – accentuated with sequins and Swarovski crystals. Talk about living luxe!

And you’ll want to check out the cute little short robes with hearts on `em. On its inside, you’ll find the statement, “I’m a very good lover.”

Gloria reminds of us that we can’t, of course, forget about the men.

“The beautiful silk Punto Blanco boxers are to die for,” she says. I mean, one feel of the fabric and you get why they’re from Spain.

Of course, there’s the silk PJ’s too – always a staple for lounging around the house… or dining in on vino and chocolate!

And when it comes to Hanky Panky (ok, we’re not giving advice on that) – the name brand people! – Night Owl has new ‘retro’ ones in, with a bit wider stretch of lace on its sides. Don’t know what a Hanky Panky is? Get in and buy one, right now. They’re the world’s most comfortable and sexy thong. Sounds like an oxymoron but it’s not… you’ll see.

So to Juno… to all of you... you sexy, sultry love goddesses… and here's to Gloria's final advice on the subject of under garments:

"No matter what you're wearing, wear it with confidence."



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