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Night Of The Living Shred’s axe wielding apocalypse at Phil’s Radiator

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PUEBLO, Colo.—Night Of The Living Shred resurrected thrash heads at Phil’s Radiator, on July 11. They were the opening act, along with Bleed To Death. Bridges was the direct support and Creep Status was the headliner.

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Flavor Grave is the hype-man and back up vocalist, Sir Shreds A Lot is the guitarist and vocalist and Sir Hyper Cans Blastoid is the drummer of Night Of The Living Shred.

Sir Hyper Cans Blastoid struck his cymbals, as Sir Shreds A Lot let his guitar screech through the monitors. Then, they began their recital with “Intro”. Flavor Grave walked on stage with three cups and a pitcher of beer. As he bobbed his head to the opening song—he poured the drinks for his band mates and paced back and forth on stage. After Sir Shreds A Lot introduced them, he introduced “Zombie Pizza Party” and an audience fed him a foiled wrapped burrito. He modified the song title to “Zombie Burrito Party.”

Prior to the start of “Toxic”—Sir Shreds A Lot mentioned the song was about Emilio Estevez’s role in “Repo Man” and for it not to be mistaken for his role as Coach Bombay in the film, “The Mighty Ducks”. He introduced the title of the song and requested everyone to form a circle pit. To help get it moving, Flavor Grave jumped into the crowd, formed it as everyone followed his lead and walked on stage.

After playing the opening riffs of Metallica’s “One” and gave it a song title which included a popular music store chain, Sir Shreds A Lot introduced “White Kids Love Wu-Tang”. As they performed, he and Flavor Grave shouted out the song titles of “C.R.E.A.M.” and “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing Ta F’ Wit”.

“I Bought A DeLorean So I Can Send You Back to the 50s Where You Belong, You Greaser F**k” closed out Night Of The Living Shred’s performance. Sir Shreds A Lot set up the scenario of how Scott Bakula’s character from the television show, “Quantum Leap”, teleported himself from the 50s to 2014. After finding himself at a Reverend Horton Heat show, he wanted to go back in time. Flavor Grave held his hair atop his head, it resembled a pompadour and Sir Hyper Cans Blastoid sang along with them.

“Toxic”, “I Get It, You’re Irish” and “Hipster Holocaust” were also part of Night Of The Living Shred’s set.