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Night before New Moon in Gemini


Loves, it's an exciting time! It's the day before the NEW MOON! SO write down what you want to release or let go, burn that thing! Or step into a sea salt bath and release out loud what you don't want to carry anymore! The point is to prepare to LET GO and SHIFT!

The NEW MOON energy tomorrow allows us to BRING IN, ATTRACT, INVITE and DECREE that which we are stepping into! It will be NEW MOON IN GEMINI, yes the twins of communication and ruled by the greek god Mercury. Mercury was always one of my favorite archetypes. Difficult to date him but that energy gets us moving with ideas, communication and of course, social media!

Our intentions and dreams have "extra" wings right now and what we want to manifest or shift into can HAPPEN REALLY REALLY FAST! SO be prepared to clear the way and go with this powerful flow that will bring you closer to the life, love and business you are wanting to experience now.

much love & Godspeed!

5/27/14 © VCC

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