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Night Argent is coming to Tacoma. Seeing is believing.

Photography by Aaron Meyers Photography
Photography by Aaron Meyers Photography
Photography by Aaron Meyers Photography

If you have not heard of Night Argent, then most likely you are with the majority. Unfortunately for you, if you like alternative music with a steady mixture of pop hooks and electronic beats, then you have been missing out of one of the best undiscovered live bands around. They do not rely on props or lightning to make their shows stand out, only use their music.

Night Argent Band photo
Jade Ehler

Night Argent beginnings can be traced to Pasco, Washington in 2013. The 5 member group consists of vocalist Chase Manhattan , guitarist Jeff Stachofsky , keyboardist Shane Santanna, bassist Evan Taylor, and drummer Zac Burrell, all of whom have worked tirelessly in the studio to create powerful yet elegant music.

When asked about what drives them, they answer with a sincerity that is humbling. "The rush we get from playing our music for the fans and seeing their reaction to the music. We strive to work harder than any other band out there, and our goal is to create something that inspires and touches lives of the people we love, and that payoff is what keeps us driven every day, no matter how hard it gets." says Manhattan.

As they are setting up to play live, you will notice two extra bass drums laying face down on the center of the stage. Contrary to the initial joke that these are used for the drum set, the same way a pit crew will keep spare tires handy, they are actually used to intro the song 'Widowmaker.' The song will begin with Burrell playing a basic rhythm on the drums, as the other members join in, it creates a complex rhythm that can spark a roar from the crowd. It is this symphony of beats of combined real drums and electric kicks and snares that gives them their self-described genre of Anthemic Electro-organic Rock.

Despite unfounded concerns on how their sound would be accepted, Night Argent recently played their first Warp Tour in 2014, to which large crowds gathered with great enthusiasm. Other major shows already under their belt, include opening for Imagine Dragons and Parachute, and playing main stage at the NACA Nationals in Charlotte NC with Andy Grammar, Lindsey Stirling, Bowling for Soup, and others. They also have headlined a six week, 7 state, 28 show tour sponsored by AXS TV, as well as making their national TV debut on AXSLive in 2013.

Night Argent will be playing this Saturday, July 19th, at The Live Room in Sumner, Washington via Red Door Presents. Night Argent is headlining the show with supporting bands Obey the Radio, Shattered Imagery and Jester's Secret. Tickets are $8 in advance and $12 at the door. Doors open at 6:30 with the first band going on at 7pm. This is an all ages show.

Check out this video of their Live at Video of Exora Music Festival for yourself.

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