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Night and Day Beauty

Get the right look for you
Get the right look for you
Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Vanity Fair


Do you think most women and men know the difference between night and day makeup? Most women wear the same makeup they wear at night during the day and day makeup during the night. Either way you will not have a good result. If you wear your day makeup in the night club, you can look plain Jane. If you wear your night makeup during the day you may look like a street walker. I noticed if you need to wear a lot of makeup during a hot summer day it can make you look old and dirty and not very fresh. If you are playing sports or doing something sporty you should wear only a little makeup if you really need to. Men like women who do not wear a lot of makeup because they really want to see what they wake up to in the morning. Also if you wear the a lot of makeup all the time, when its time to go to an event it will not seem as special because you always look that way. I say try to have different makeup looks for different times of the day and activities, it will not only keep it interesting but also keep your mate on their toes. They have makeup artists at all of the makeup counters that can maybe give you some tips that you never thought about, I know because I use to be a makeup artist. I loved and still love helping women look their best.

When you think of classy women and men they do dress for the occasion and they are always appropriate. If you do not have the talent for style find one at some of your local retail stores that do have personal stylist available. Some women always use a personal stylist and are willing to pay extra for it. The larger retail stores try to offer this service to help women and for better customer service. You may not find these personal shoppers at low end stores. I suggest at least going to a high end store for a special event if you can afford it. If you can even go once to get advice it may help you get a new personal style and get a fresh look for the rest of the year or longer.

My last comment on makeup is for everyone, don't be a BBD (beauty by distance) or a BBN (beauty by night), I have had many friends comment on how the person they thought they were meeting looked better by night and this is why they did not pursue the person after one date after seeing them in the light. I know I have seen people from faraway and then when I got up close they were not as attractive. Everyone can look attractive if they enhance their best qualities and down play their flaws.