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Nigerian Soccer Fans Attacked

Nigerian Soccer Fans Attacked
Nigerian Soccer Fans Attacked

Suicide bomber attacked a group of Nigerian soccer fans watching the World Cup. The bomber detonated the tri-cycle taxi amongst the onlookers at an outdoor showing of the match. The attack occurred in the northeastern city of Damaturu, Nigeria. The reports coming in are that several people are dead and many are critically injured and some of those are not expected to make it.

The police stated that rescue workers are being very careful going through the rubble. The fear is the usual secondary bomb that follows these attacks. Most feel that Boko Haram is responsible for the bombing. No one has yet taken responsibility but it has all the tell tale signs of the hated Boko Haram. That being said most feel that a second bomb will take place. They like to attack the rescue workers also it gives them the satisfaction of what some call total devastation.

Boko Haram has for the last couple of years terrorized the northeast region of Nigeria. They have bombed villages They have slaughtered villagers and kidnapped hundreds of citizens in the hopes of selling them into slavery. You would think the Nigerian government would do something to stop all the violence but until now very little has been done. About three months ago the Islamic based group kidnapped several hundred school girls. The government has stated that they know where the girls are but have made no effort to get them released.

It was this action that caught the worlds attention. Many countries have expressed interest in helping get the girls back but government officials have expressed little interest in receiving help to do the job.

As more and more are killed the Nigerian government may have no choice but to finally concede that they cannot get the job done. For eventually Boko Haram will start to go after the government rather than just the civilian population of Nigeria. Boko Haram is a group who hates the west and anything that has to do with it. This is not going to end well for anyone involved.