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Nigella Lawson barred: Celebrity chef on U.S. No-Fly list from admitted drug use

Sunday, Nigella Lawson was barred from entering the United States. The Food Network celebrity chef was stopped at London's Heathrow Airport before she boarded a flight to Los Angeles and told she was on a no-fly list to America over her admitted drug use. Homeland Security officials later confirmed Lawson was banned from U.S. travel, according to an April 3 Today celebrity news report.

Nigella Lawson attends the press night of 'Fatal Attraction' at Theatre Royal on March 25, 2014
Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

British celebrity TV cook, Nigella Lawson, who stars in the American show, "The Taste," was stopped by airport agents in the latest embarrassing chapter in her life.

Reportedly, American officials banned Lawson from entering the United States due to narcotic statutes that bar anyone from entering the country based on material evidence of their use of illegal substances.

Lawson, 54, dropped a bombshell last year during a trial involving two of her longtime personal assistants accused of defrauding her and her then husband, Charles Saatchi, 70.

While testifying about the matter under oath, Lawson was probed by her past experience with drugs. The popular television chef said she used drugs several times with her previous husband, John Diamond.

One time was when my husband knew his cancer was terminal, and he was introduced to it by a friend who thought it would help. And I did on maybe six occasions and joined in with him — it was a small amount. It gave him an escape, but I didn't want an escape because I had to look after him and the children," Lawson said of her past history with drugs. However, Nigella was quick to point out that at no time was she ever addicted to drugs or considered herself an addict.

Moreover, Lawson admitted to using drugs during her marriage to Saatchi, who she accused of abuse -- "intimate terrorism," as she described it.

Nigella Lawson is not the first celebrity to be barred from traveling to this country.

Pop singer, Boy George and the late Amy Winehouse were banned over their drug use. However, what is different here is they were charged and/or prosecuted over drug/alcohol abuse.

On the other hand, Lawson only admitted to casual use and was never brought on charges. As such, experts expect her to win any appeal to lift the no-fly ban. One thing that is unclear is how it will impact her role on the “Taste” TV show.


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