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Nielsen and Facebook partners to gather Mobile TV viewers information

Have you ever watched TV on your mobile device? Well, Facebook has partnered with the TV ratings measurement company Nielsen to gather data on the shows watched on mobile devices. The mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and social networks are where the data will be gathered from.According to Facebook, the shows that are watched will be gathered by Facebook users. When the Facebook users watch shows on their mobile devices, Nielsen will then gather the viewers information data.

The partnership was originally announced in 2013, but since Facebook has recently did an experiment on recent admission that it had "manipulated users' emotions in the News Feeds", the partnership has been renewed. With the increase use of smartphones, computers, and tablets, Nielsen was not able to get the complete sense of viewing habits from its original way of getting measurements. "In the past, Nielsen measurements were done through the installation of special meters on 25,000 television sets, recording a household's television habits."

Facebook assured the readers at Digital Trends that the data collected will not influence online advertising. The app containing the Nielsen software will notify users that their views will be counted. If the viewer chooses not to have their views tracked, they have the option to opt out of the tracker information.

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