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Niecy Nash portrays a urethra and sprays audience members on 'The Dr. Oz Show'

Niecy Nash will appear on "The Dr. Oz Show" on Monday, March 24.
Niecy Nash will appear on "The Dr. Oz Show" on Monday, March 24.
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Niecy Nash portrayed a urethra on Monday’s episode of “The Dr. Oz Show” to assist an audience member that suffers from incontinence. Dr. Oz detailed the cause of the condition in the demonstration as Nash (the urethra) mock urinated on the woman and her husband.

Carol Denise “Niecy” Nash, born Ensley, visited with Dr. Oz and discussed marital issues that are most often relayed to one’s doctor, but not a spouse. The 44-year-old actress/comedian/ TV host/author and Dr. Oz aimed to teach women to open up and be honest with their spouses about problems that are often deemed embarrassing. The star of “The Soul Man” provided tips to selecting the right life partner.

Here's the thing. When you choose a partner, you're not just choosing someone in marriage whom you want to have fun with. You know what I mean? You can have fun with anybody. I mean, you've got money in the bank and we can run around. You're choosing who do I want to go through problems with? Who do I trust to be with me in the trenches?

Niecy Nash also discussed marriage, children, and weight loss on “The Dr. Oz Show,” and then assisted Dr. Oz with a demonstration on how the bladder works. Incontinence is one of those “embarrassing” issues often kept secret in a marriage, which frequently occurs after childbirth. An audience member with six children suffers from frequent leaks, and with the help of her husband along with Nash and Dr. Oz, was taught why this happens. As the couple put pressure on the mock bladder, Nash squeezed the plastic urethra above them that secreted water.

The 2010 “Dancing with the Stars" alum explained her secret of a good marriage to Dr. Oz. Niecy was married to Don Nash for 13 years until 2007. The couple has three children together. The “Reno 911!” actress then married Jay Tucker in May of 2011.

There are women who date for their preference as opposed to dating for their priority. When you date for your priority, the chances of you getting your needs met become real high. It's not about necessarily what a man drives or where he lives and this sort of thing. Let's get the needs met first, that is the trick.

Niecy Nash is scheduled to appear on “The Dr. Oz Show” Monday, March 24; check local listings for airtimes.

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