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Nicole "Snooki” Polizzi having vivid pregnancy dreams

Nicole" Snooki" Polizzi is pregnant and she keeps having "vivid pregnancy dreams"….We all love her and have watched her evolution from the first moment she stepped into our lives as she has now become one of the millions who have changed her life in amazing ways. Why do I bring Snooki into this world of Psychics and Mediums? Well she is the majority of young individuals in our world who has fully displayed herself for all to see and millions no matter who they are know her and love her. How can you not help it?

But my Spirit Guides got my attention when it came to this article about her "vivid pregnancy dreams". And when I see a dream I see where the persons life is working its way out through the subconscious mind.

We all know that dreams are our subconscious way of dealing with what we do not want to look at in our waking conscious day to day activities. When looking at Nicole (Snooki) what we see is not who she really is in many ways, there is a wealth of intelligence in this little package of cuteness. And I know the real picture of Nicole without her make-up got your attention just as I know it caught mine; she is so beautiful like a little fairy come to life. So why cover it all up? Well that is the age old question that many women explore each day. It’s also a way to stand out in the crowd and to beautify what we already have.

Back to her "vivid pregnancy dreams"….stated in the news : "Although her appetite is in check, she's had many a restless night due to vivid pregnancy dreams -- make that nightmares. "Yeah, I've had a lot of stabbing dreams, like people are stabbing me in the elbow," she said. "I'm just standing there and people are [doing a stabbing motion] to my elbows." Is it anyone she knows? "No, random [people]. I don't know where it comes from."

Let’s look at what it all means even though it is such a short blurb. Every part of our physical body represents an emotion in our bodies. Things we stubbornly do not want to think or know about. We just shove it in a little corner as if it will go away. This then allows the subconscious mind to "save it for a rainy day " or in most cases save it for a night of dreams for the subconscious to get a look at it and deal with what we do not want to.

Stabbing does not mean she will physically be stabbed but is how she sees others coming at her and then again…. it is with her own self she keeps attacking. The other "random people" are those around her always seeking a piece of her and she just allowing it on many levels to happen without knowing what to do about it. She just does not realize it is her choice in what she does, so she gives that choice to others to take care of things for her. And she is seeking help from others for the choices she has made. This is why they are "stabbing at her". And why the elbows, simple of course, it is all of what she is holding onto. We all know she has been holding her own, making choices with some of those choices being what most individuals would not make, especially when it comes to being publicly displayed. Remenber she is young at heart and she still has to learn her way.

So when we look at the whole dream we can see she has been holding her on for a very long time, she has been holding onto things that needs to be let go of. Snooki needs to stop giving her authority to others to take care of as they will always come back for more. She has to step up to the plate and take responsibility for her actions. The biggest is she needs to stop getting others to do things for her...always taking care of what she herself has done, is doing or getting ready to do. She also needs to stand up for herself more when it comes to the choices she and others are making for her. She has a life that is always evolving, new horizons around every corner. A life that others dream about, she has worked hard for it all and still she needs to have the confidence that she is who she is and she is doing a really great job at this point in her life. Let go of what she is holding onto and live what she feels deep in her heart.

When we step to the side of our dreams and de-tach from what we want it to be, we can then see it for the truth of what we are trying to reconcile with. There is no dream journal that can give to you the answers as it comes from within. Our waking day to day life is amazing and our subconscious mind holds all the answers to everything we do not want to deal with. Dream your dream and before opening your eyes, try to remember what it is and who you are within your dream. Keep a drawing or writing pad beside your bed to write and/or draw what you remember and through out the day your dream will start to materialize before your eyes for you to understand your dream.

And to Jessica Simpson…YOU are Radiantly Beautiful in Your Pregnancy…Congratulations to both of you Ladies…

We wish you the best Nicole" Snooki" Polizzi as you grow more Beautiful with your Child and when you are ready to look at all of it and let go…I am only a phone call away…give me a ring…


Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie

All Rights Reserved Copyright©2012 Adele Marie- Angelic Wise Ones

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