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Nicole Richie's new clothing line, Winter Kate


Socialite Nicole Richie debuts her second clothing line this week. The collection ranges from bohemian inspired clothing using floral printed chiffon tops to edgy leather jacket. There are also a few dresses that are gorgeous. Overall the line has 37 pieces. The collection embodies the fashion Nicole wears on a daily basis. They are easy to wear yet girly clothing that takes no effort to look good. The trend of patterns seems to be back for the spring and Nicole's new line is certainly using a lot of wonderful and sometimes floral patterns. The line looks youthful, yet sophisticated. It could be dressed up or down and either way would turn heads.  The line is called Winter Kate, the middle names of Nicole's daughter. In the past she has created maternity wear, jewelry, and in the spring she is launching her shoe collection. Several boutiques across the country will sell her line, at this moment Columbus isn't one of the cities unfortunately.

View the slideshow to see some pieces from the collection and comment to let me know how you like Nicole's new fashion line.


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