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Nicole Richie's blue hair shocks fans during 'Good Morning America'

Nicole Richie's blue hair was one of the highlights of her appearance on Monday's episode of "Good Morning America." The reality star made her an appearance on the morning news show to promote her new reality series. "Candidly Nicole" will soon appear on VH1, and she just had to share about the new show. Pop Crush shared about the appearance on July 7.

Nicole might have stopped by "Good Morning America" to talk about her new show this morning, but her hair color received more attention. She is known for dying her hair odd colors. Back in March, Nicole debuted a purple hair color. The blue was all new though, and some might even call the reality star smurfy for the hair color choice. Nicole called her hair color "true blue" when she shared photos of her new look on her Instagram.

Nicole is not one that seems to care about her hair color much. Her last hair color was prompted by a request from her daughter and a dare by Kelly Osbourne. She has also walked around with purple hair in the past. When Nicole was asked about her hair color choices, she said the following about the purple hair decision:

"I didn't even know I was going to have purple hair until two days before I had it, so it’s hard for me to say if I’m going to have it for summer or not."

It is clear with the debut of blue hair that the purple hair choice did not survive the summer. The season isn't even half over yet. How long will the blue hair last? There is no way to no for sure, but Nicole seems to love shocking fans with her hair color choices.

As for her new television series, "Candidly Nicole" is set to premiere later this month on VH1. The new series is based on Nicole's Twitter and web series. In fact, the television series is named after the Internet series. Viewers will see Nicole as she works day to day at her fashion label named House of Harlow 1960. The series will also follow her as she works on her other endeavors including her acting career.

Nicole did speak openly about the new series on "Good Morning America." She said the following about the content of the series, according to UPI:

"The show is based off of my Twitter, and really, how I use Twitter is I use it to laugh. To make fun of myself and explore things I don't real know anything about. It's not reality, it's not scripted, it's kind of a place in-between that I like to call 'real life comedy.' I love to explore, I love to learn, and more importantly, I like to have fun. [The show is] a space where I can do all three, and it's just so much fun."

From that description, Nicole is portraying herself as a person that doesn't take life seriously. She seems to enjoy life to the fullest, and that includes her spur of the moment hair color changes. What do you think of Nicole's new hair color? Are you a fan?

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