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Nicole Laube murder remains unsolved

Nicole Laube's murder remains unsolved
Nicole Laube's murder remains unsolved
Photo provided to the media;Nicole Laube

The family of slain woman Nicole Laube are offering a reward in the amount of nearly $4,000.00, according to this Thursday news report. Family and friends of the slain woman have contributed to the fund in hopes of finding out who killed the beloved family woman. They're hoping that someone out there has information that will lead them to her killer. Her family is deeply in mourning right now, with Thursday being the first day they'd ever spoken to the media about her death. They're remembering her as a loving individual who "had such life and adventure," in her soul. Now the search for her killer is becoming an arduous case for detectives.

Police don't know who killed her. They don't even really have the first clue. They don't know whether her death was caused by someone she knew or if the killer was a stranger. They believe she may have been targeted in the attack, but there are no clues leading to who or why. She was stabbed fatally while she was handing out flyers at an apartment complex where she had only worked for about a month. She died before she could say who stabbed her, why they stabbed her or any other details about the crime. No murder weapon has been uncovered, and it just seems that there are few answers to be had. Will there ever be closure.

A woman claiming to be the aunt of this slain woman made comments on another article written about this case that indicate she suspects a serial attacker is to blame. She mentions a "trucker who was forced to stop on the I-84, and was randomly stabbed in an attack. The woman claims that she called the police to ask if there were any connections between it and the murder of Nicole Laube. Since the case remains unsolved, it's hard to tell one way or the other if police have acted on any suspected connections.