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Nicole Kidman:I eat everything and I exercise regularly

Nicole Kidman says not to restrict during holiday season, instead hit the gym after the New Year.
Photo by Christopher Polk

According to Jan 6, Skinny Curvy reported that Nicole Kidman eats everything and exercises regularly. Over the weekend, Nicole was seen being worked pretty hard by her personal trainer, just days after returning home from Australia. She appeared to be working out pretty hard, and keeping up with her trainer.

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Nicole went on to say she eats everything, pizza, cakes- you name it. She said the only thing she doesn't eat is strawberries. She is allergic to them. As for exercise, she does everything. From spinning to golf, she stays active. She has been known recently as a long distance runner. She is a lover of all activities outside.

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She thinks the holidays are a time you shouldn't be too restrictive with your diet. The season only comes once a year, so for her, she enjoys eating and special moments with her loved ones. She makes it up after the New Year and really steps up her exercise and tightens up her diet.

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When asked what the biggest lesson about health she has learned so far, she said it is to be forgiving of you. If you need to rest, rest. Push yourself, but don’t push yourself off the edge. The most important thing a mother can learn is to balance her own life. Without a balance, the whole family will suffer.

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