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Nicole Gainey arrested: New update in mom arrested for son going to park alone

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Reports came out this week that Nicole Gainey was arrested. Everyone was shocked to hear the case of the mom who let her seven-year-old walk to the park alone and then the police picked her up at her home for child neglect. They also told her that several sex offenders live in the area. Huffington Post shared about the case and they were also able to give an update on the case.

Nicole thought that it was fine to let her son walk to the park. She has done it before and it is about 10-15 minutes to get there. He had a cell phone around his neck in case of emergency. When the police found him there, he was playing with other children and was just fine. They asked him about his mom and then took him back to the house where they arrested her.

They would have never even known the boy was there alone if they hadn't received a call about it. While on the way to the park, someone at a pool asked him about his mom. It does sound like this person called authorities, but they did not admit who actually contacted them.

Lenore Skenazy, the book author of "Free Range Kids" Spoke to The Huffington Post about the case saying, "Are we supposed to lock all our children inside for their safety at all times, and then we're negligent child abusers if we don't? The idea that there are predators everywhere is a false one." Lenore did not act like there was a reason to be concerned.

Nicole had already said that she planned to fight the charges. She was arrested, but doesn't think that it was fair. Now new reports say that it looks like she won't have to fight the charges at all. They have been in headlines for days and now news is out that an official from the Florida Department of Children and Families told Nicole Gainey she could "expect the case to be dropped."