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Nicole Gainey arrested for letting seven-year-old walk to park alone

Nicole Gainey was a parent who didn't realize she was doing anything wrong at all. That was until she got arrested for letting her seven-year-old son walk to the park by himself. On Tuesday, News Max shared about this story and how it all went down for this mom.

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At this time, she is dealing with a charge of felony charge of child neglect. This mom didn't think she did anything wrong. She is speaking out and said that she was just letting her child go to play at the park. This park is about a half mile away from their home which is located in Gainey’s Port St. Lucie, Florida.

This was all found out because someone started asking the boy a lot of questions. They frightened him and so he rushed to the park by himself. A police officer was called and went to the park and started to talk to him. He then took the boy home and this was when Nicole Gainey ended up getting arrested. He did have a cell phone with him in case of emergency.

There are a lot of mixed feelings from parents on this one. Several people think that seven is too young to be going alone. Others are speaking out about how it was okay when they were kids, but things are different now. The world has changed and it is a scary place.

Inquistr shared how the mom is not sure who called the police but she assumes it was someone who saw her son and started asking him questions. Nicole said that she does call and check on him. She will not be letting him go to the park alone again though. As of right now, she has paid her $4,000 bond and will be fighting the charge. She still doesn't think she did anything wrong and spoke out saying her son was mature enough to be there by himself.

New update: Charges are expected to be dropped.

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