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Nicole Beharie previews 'Sleepy Hollow's' season finale: "There are sacrifices"

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"Sleepy Hollow" has been a big hit for FOX in its first season, with the finale airing Monday, and on Friday, Jan. 17, Nicole Beharie talked to reporters about what to expect.

There is a lot coming up in the "Sleepy Hollow" season 1 finale, including "quite a bit" of surprises, John Noble, and Victor Garber, Beharie revealed, previewing, "The story starts off where Abbie and Crane unearth secrets in the Bible, as you guys saw at the end of the last episode, and they discover new things about the nature of George Washington's death and that basically sends them on this mad hunt, and that hunt tests some loyalties and there are sacrifices made." She later teased that the finale is "drastically different from where we started…and I don't think anyone will expect what we uncover."

Could those loyalties tested involve Ichabod and Abbie? Could that cause a rift? "There are challenges along the way for every character," the actress admitted, but added, "For the most part, they are on the same side." That said, "There are a lot of tests coming up. With tests come those sort of challenges and definitions of what your character…the character's character, who they are, what they really stand for, how much they can actually withstand. I think we see some of that, and that's challenging."

As for the possible romance between Ichabod and Abbie that some fans have noticed, Beharie chose to point out that with the nature of their lives and the fast pace of the show, there isn't really any time for romance. "I know that [Ichabod and Abbie] have chemistry, but god only knows what happens in the future," she said. "I know Abbie personally isn't really thinking that way. I think they have a massive job, massive undertaking – saving the world is a pretty big deal."

Just like Beharie called the finale "drastically different" from the beginning of the season, she also talked about how her character has changed from when we first met her. "Her mind is completely blown open. She's done so many things that she could never imagine, seen things," she told reporters. Abbie is more comfortable in her skin and thinking outside the box. For example, she's now breaking into homes.

Finally, here are a couple more finale teases from Beharie: "I think John Cho and I have some really interesting moments in the finale" and "You're going to see in the finale the things that we've discussed about Washington are definitely worth it."

"Sleepy Hollow" season 1 airs Mondays on FOX. The two-hour season finale begins at 8 p.m. Monday, Jan. 20.

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