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Nicolas Cage, in serious financial trouble, had to sell his castle

Cage may be smoking cheaper cigars soon
Cage may be smoking cheaper cigars soon
Nicolas Cage

Actor Nicolas Cage is in serious financial trouble, owing the government more than $6 million in back taxes. Cage, star of such blockbuster movies as National Treasure, Leaving Las Vegas and Adaptation, is blaming his former business manager Samuel J. Levin for his financial woes.

Cage, 45, claims in his October 16th lawsuit that Levin "lined his [own] pockets with millions of dollars" while ruining Cage's personal finances. It is reported that Cage is seeking a minimum of $20 million dollars.

Cage has already sold his Bavarian castle (poor baby) and at least three of his other properties are being sold as a consequence of the tax lien placed on his holdings by the government.

Maybe Cage should have stayed married to Lisa Marie Presley. His financial problems could be resolved with the profits from just a few months of Elvis swag. Or perhaps he should ask Uncle Frank (Francis Ford Coppola) for a small loan.