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'Nicola 'Coco' Campolongo: Boy murdered by mafia mobsters

Boy murdered then burned
Boy murdered then burned
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News 24 is reporting today that a three-year-old boy was found murdered by the mafia in southern Italy. Nicola 'Coco' Campolongo was an Italian child who was killed by Italian mobsters because his grandfather Savatore Lannicelli, 52, owed the mafia money, according to police officials. Salvatore Lannicelli, 52, and his girlfriend, Ibtissa Toussa, 27, were also murdered by the mafia.

Bizarre details in the case of Nicola Campolongo

The boy's natural mother Antonia Lannicelli is currently incarcerated in an Italian prison, along with his biological father. Nicola Campolongo aka 'Coco' was in the custody of his grandfather Salvatore Lannicelli while his biological parents are serving time for distributing drugs. The case came to the attention of police officials after a family member alerted police that the Lannicelli and Campolong were missing, according to the Daily Mail.

Salvatore Lannicelli was under house arrest at the time of his murder.

The Italian mafia has always held a deep respect for women and children. Prosecutors are seeing an increase in cases where children, women and teens are now targets of the mafia, according to the Mirror.

Nicola Campolongo crime scene

According to the Italian paper City News Today, Nicola Campolongo was murdered and then burned. Police found the dead body in a torched car located in the back of an abandoned house. They also found the dead bodies of Salvatore Lannicelli and his girlfriend Ibtissa Touss lying outside the vehicle. The crime occurred in Cassano allo lonio Calabria province in the Italy.

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