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Nico Vega in Atlanta supporting Imagine Dragons

Nico Vega
Nico Vega
Nico Vega

While most people will file into Philips Arena to see the Imagine Dragons, who are riding high after their Grammy performance, those people that get there early to catch Nico Vega may get the biggest treat of the night.

Full of boisterous guitar driven rock & roll, Nico Vega has made a name for themselves on the stage pushing performances that grab listeners by the ears and hold them captive. Ava Volkman manipulates her voice from a mellow hum to a violent wail pushing the limits of her vocal chords while guitarist Rich Koehler and drummer Dan Epand volley musical bombs keeping the songs at a happy medium between pop and metal. Their albums are loud and when they hit the stage the decibels are kicked up a notch. When the air clears and the humming drone of the guitars fades into nothingness listeners will be left with a dull hum and the memory of a damn fine set of tunes.

While they are not headlining the show at Philips you will not want to miss their set because the Imagine Dragons are going to have a lot to live up to after Nico Vega blows listener’s heads.