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Nicky Farms debuts mobile processing unit for sustainably-raised meat

Nicky Farms debuted their new mobile processing unit at their certified-organic farm in Aurora, Oregon.
Nicky Farms debuted their new mobile processing unit at their certified-organic farm in Aurora, Oregon.
Wendy Bumgardner

Geoff Latham of Nicky Farms / Nicky USA proudly showed his one-of-a-kind Mobile Processing Unit at their farm in Aurora, Oregon on June 22, 2014. The unit will be used to process sustainably and humanely raised fowl and rabbit and four-legged game such as pheasant, turkey, goat, deer, and even emu. Master Butcher Jace Hentges walked guests through the trailer.

Nicky Farms Mobile Processing Unit
Wendy Bumgardner

Meanwhile, Nicky Farms goats are cavorting in a field with a grand view of Mt. Hood on the certified-organic farm along the Pudding River. They are the beginning of the animals that will be raised on the farm and will eventually reach our plates at the best restaurants in the Northwest. By having a USDA-approved processing unit on site, they will have a peaceful and humane end. The processing unit will travel to a couple of selected farms in the area to process meat and fowl, but it will chiefly be used on site at Nicky Farms. Emu are being raised by Dick's Kitchen owner Richard Satnick to supply his paleo menu and they will be processed by the unit.

The processing unit is unique in that it is set up for both fowl and rabbit and for larger animals. It has passed State of Oregon inspection and will soon be passing USDA standards. It has seamless construction inside to ensure it can be completely cleaned without any microbes lurking in crevices. Meat goes from processing right into a chill room to ensure the best freshness and purity.

Guests enjoyed a Field Day at the farm including an Olympic Provisions hot dog eating contest, scavenger hunt, and bbq dinner. Chef Andrew Garrett grilled rabbit, goat, and Tails & Trotters pork. He debuted the latest addition to his NW Elixirs hot sauce line, the Ghost Chili sauce, Hott Jolokia, which is aged in rumberries. It was a little sweet and nicely hot while still having a complex mix of flavor -- like the other great NW Elixirs sauces.

The farm processing unit is the latest addition to Nicky Farms' production of humanely and sustainably raised meat. Previously, I toured their processing plant in inner SE Portland.
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