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Nicki Minaj wardrobe malfunction on MTV VMAs explained

Nicki Minaj
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Last night on the 2014 MTV VMAs fans noticed that Nicki Minaj had something going on with her dress while she was on the stage performing. It looked like her dress had split or something, but nobody knew what happened until she spoke out explaining. On Monday, E! Online shared what she had to say.

It turns out that she just didn't have time to actually zip her dress before she went on stage. Nicki had to go out on the stage for her performance with her dress unzipped. She held onto it hoping that it wouldn't come open and she was really lucky that nothing happened.

Nicki Minaj shared that she was happy nothing more fell out. It could have been a lot worse, but her MTV VMA performance went on and she did just fine. During the entire performance she held onto her dress and made sure that it all stayed on like she wanted. Luckily her dress didn't break either, she just didn't have time to get it zipped and ready to go before it was her turn to perform.

New York Daily News actually compared her to Miley Cyrus because she is the performance everyone will be talking about today. She also had on a green bikini for part of the performance and it got pretty wild and sexual. A snake was supposed to be on stage with her, but it bit a dancer during rehearsal so they took that part out of the performance. This performance could have been worse if something like that had happened on stage.

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