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Nicki Minaj shares angst over stretched-out forehead on ESPN Magazine

Nicki Minaj is not happy with her elongated forehead that popped up on the ESPN Magazine cover that she posed for with Kobe Bryant. Minaj put the picture on Twitter with the caption of “When retouching goes wrong,” according to NewsMax on Jan. 24.

Nicki Minaj not happy with her stretched out forehead on ESPN Magazine cover/

She loved the untouched pictures taken at the same photo shoot, but someone got in there and stretched Minaj’s forehead to the point that it is noticeable. Kobe Bryant appears untouched by the digital liberties taken by someone at ESPN. It is not known who the culprit is that gave the diva such a stretched-out head!

It is a blatant attempt at enhancement that went south, but Nicki is not alone. Clair Danes lost her leg when one photoshopped magazine shoot completely forgot a limb. Then there’s Adele’s famous Vogue cleavage cover, which was probably the most obvious enhanced picture there ever was.

Nicki Minaj is not one to take things lying down and when she got a gander at what they did to her forehead, she spoke up. She didn’t like her new stretched look.

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