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Nicki Minaj photoshopped? Star calls out ‘ESPN Magazine’ for altered photos

Nicki Minaj is not happy with how she looks on the cover of the ESPN Magazine. In fact, the entertainer is so upset about her images that she posted the untouched images to compare with the magazine cover to share that her forehead was dramatically was increased and her legs were made longer to make her look different. According to Jezebel on Thursday, the unretouched photos were a hot topic with the fans too as people were disappointed to see that the magazine altered the images without permission.

While the fact that images are often altered for magazine covers isn’t surprising, the victim celebrities have been getting heat from their fans. Offering an unnatural image, it appears that the stars are trying to trick their fans in some way, which is simply untrue. Putting the details in front of the fans will avoid the star being in the headlines for negative things this week.

Nicki Minaj is offering a different approach to what some call photoshopping by the magazine. By being proactive, she is letting the fans know before the magazine hits the shelves and placing blame squarely on the periodical. So when fans see Nicki Minaj long forehead or thin legs on the front of ESPN Magazine everyone will know it is not really her body, but that won’t matter because she already showed fans the real Minaj.

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