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Nicki Minaj furious over retouching of "ESPN Magazine" cover

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Nicki Minaj has spent much of the day blasting "ESPN Magazine". According to a Jan 23rd report by E! Online, the star is furious over apparent retouching that was done to her image. In a picture taken for the cover of the Music issue of the publication, the star’s forehead appears to have been elongated.

Taking to Instagram, the star posted numerous photos detailing the image before and after the alleged retouching. While the differences are subtle, it does appear that the picture was manipulated. Appearing next to Kobe Bryant, Nicki Minaj is seen sitting on a large speaker that puts her at a level height with the basketball superstar. For her outfit, the starlet is seen wearing a short skirt that shows off her gorgeous legs.

Unfortunately, it is common for photographs of celebrities and models to be manipulated using sophisticated computer programs. There are many that argue that this practice is creating a standard of beauty that is impossible for women to meet. In the process, this creates an environment that places an impossible burden on half of the population. Hopefully, other stars will join Nicki Minaj in outing instances of this practice.