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Nickelodeon stars and athletes converge on the Kids’ Choice Sports Awards 2014

Clear blue skies and sunny weather made the perfect setting for this week’s most powerful celebrity event.
Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Sports Awards was the highlight event of the week marking the first awards show of its kind converging kids, TV celebrities, and sports stars all in one night of excitement and honors.

Kids' Choice Sports Awards 2014
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez
Actors Reese Hartwig(L) and Ryan Hartwig(R)
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion was transformed from a university setting into the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood TV premiere with an orange carpet decorated as an NFL AstroTurf. Former Giants’ defensive, Michael Strahan, brought the energy up from start to finish setting the tone for the night’s special awards ceremony.

Demarcus Cousins (Sacramento Kings), Chandler Parsons (Dallas Mavericks), Larry Sanders (Milwaukee Bucks), Carmelo Anthony (New York Knicks), and Tyson Chandler (Dallas Mavericks) were among the top stars of the NBA who delighted fans and even Nickelodeon stars face to face on the orange carpet.

The Hartwig brothers,Reese Hartwig(Earth to Echo), and Ryan Hartwig(Just Before I Go), pledged their total fan support for the Green Bay Packers as they entered the orange carpet wearing green and yellow suits celebrating the official colors of the Packers in top form to the cheer of fans.

"See Dad Run" star,Mark Curry, marveled in the excitement of seeing some of his favorite NBA’s top stars in attendance. While stepping up for b ball on the orange carpet’s basketball court, Curry lucked up with a backwards shot landing a three pointer to the cheers of fans and other stars watching the moment occur.”You saw that shot. I still got game. I love basketball,” said Curry. “I have kids. I love Nickelodeon. I know these NBA athletes. I know their stats better than they know them. So I love this. This is just great.”

Chico Benymon, star of the hit Nick series, "Haunted Hathaways", strolled down the orange Astroturf carpet with his fellow cast members, Benjamin Flores, Jr., Breanna Yde, and Curtis Harris. Benymon took time out to shoot hoops landing a few solid dunk shots alongside Carmelo Anthony and other stars of the NBA. Benymon shared, “We’re actors so we work with scripts. What these athletes do is not scripted. These guys are out there playing for real and these kids look up to them. Through each game they play, they show the kids that if you work hard, you can be successful. That is what it’s about.”

The kid stars of "Haunted Hathaways" took time out to share who their favorite athletes were. Flores emoted about his sports hero, Floyd Mayweather, as being someone who he looked up to with high honors. Yde expressed excitement about meeting Stefan Curry, her favorite basketball player. Harris had the opportunity to take photos with Tyson Chandler which he described as “an amazing and awesome moment.”

Popular gymnasts including Gabbie Douglas and Nastia Liukin were cheered by fans in the bleachers and most notably spoken of with pure admiration by Nickelodeon’s own, Fatima Ptacek, the voice of Dora the Explorer.

A noted gymnast and popular Nickelodeon actress, Ptacek shared about the excitement she felt in the moment that she saw Liukin and Douglas on the carpet. “I have such a passion for gymnastics and seeing Gabbie Douglas was just terrific. When I saw Nastia Liukin, that moment was over the top for me. Like OMG this is so cool…like wow.” Ptacek’s new series, "Dora the Explorer: Into the City," debuts on August 18th on Nickelodeon.

"Every Witch Way" star, Mia Matthews, arrived to the cheer of fans as she gave insight into the essence of the awards show. “The athletes here today represent some of the tops stars of the sports world. They motivate kids and adults who watch them work hard to excel in their fields. It’s an amazing feeling to be here. This is a huge thrill and honor to be included in all of this.”

NFL stars including Victor Cruz(New York Giants), Larry Fitzgerald and Earl Thomas III were amongst some of the top football stars on deck for the show’s festivities and all star kick off.

Soccer star, David Beckham arrived with his sons Romeo and Cruz to share the biggest moment of the night with his family. Beckham arrived with all smiles after returning from the World Cup to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award during the night’s festivities which included to his surprise the top honors of being slimed live on the air Nickelodeon style.

With the elaborate décor on the set, cheering fans and stars from across the worlds of sports and TV appearing in unison, the impact of the Kids' Choice Sports Awards by far has changed the face of Nickelodeon in a way that attendees and viewers will never forget.

Check out the full list of nominees and winners of the kick off premiere:

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