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Nick to air final episodes of 'Legend of Korra' season three online

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In what many are considering an unexpected move, Nickelodeon announced on July 23 that it has pulled the last five episodes of the season 3 of their popular animated series, “The Legend of Korra” from their programming schedule. They also announced via the official "Legend of Korra" Tumblr page, that instead of airing on the network itself, the final five episodes of season three will air exclusively on the Nickelodeon website, the Nick app, and on streaming sites, like Amazon, Google Play, and Hulu, starting on August 1.

While the latest episode, “The Terror Within,” is set to air on July 25 at its’ normal time of 8PM EST, Nickelodeon has no current plans of airing the final five episodes of the current season of “The Legend of Korra” on television. Many are crediting this decision to the lackluster ratings in viewership that the third season has had. According to Nielson ratings, the two episodes that made up the season three premiere had a total average viewership rating of 1.50 (million), as compared to the 2.60 from the second season premiere and 4.55 from the first season premiere.

While the future of season three is up in the air, co-creator Bryan Konietzko, assured fans that the series has not been cancelled and that more information will most likely be available following “The Legend of Korra” panel at this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con convention. He confirmed this with a post on his official Tumblr page on July 23, with a picture of Korra covered in snow, simply saying, “Korra not cancelled. Moving to digital. We’ll talk at SDCC. Thanks for caring.”

Also addressing the move to digital distribution, co-creator Mike DiMartino posted on his official Facebook page and posted an optimistic look on the removal of his popular series from Nick’s television lineup. “As long as you all are able to see the show in some capacity, I’m grateful. And honestly, you’re all watching it online anyway, right?”

Will Korra’s move to digital streaming affect how you watch the last episodes of season three? Let us know in a comment below.