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Nick Thorburn's Islands is coming to San Francisco... are you going to be there?

Canadian crooner Nick Thorburn has a ton of irons in the fire. He has fronted groups like the Unicorns, Human Highway, and Mister Heavenly. A "Super-group" consisting of members of Islands, Modest Mouse, and Man Man. When Thorburn isn't spending time on stage with Michael Cera he is working on his full time indie project, that of course is Islands.

Album Cover

Islands plays like the type of indie band that’s safe to introduce your parents to. The release of their new album A Sleep & a Forgetting, proves to be their most personal yet. The complicated music with well written, dreamy vocals is a step above their critically acclaimed release of Vapors in 2009. It shows that his work in Mister Heavenly has definitely rubbed off. Each track feels more like a personal diary entry rather than a song. That’s the draw here. The music is fantastic when paired with Thorburns vocals. This is a great album to listen to on a quiet, rainy day when your girlfriend had just left you for some guy named Bruce that drives a cherry red Vespa... I digress. The album makes me want to go to sleep and forget any relationship that went sour, maybe that’s what he was going for.

So where is the perfect place to see this music live? Well how about Hotel Utah in San Francisco? Islands is going to be preforming there on March 13th. Come down and mend your broken heart with a few beers. If anything it gets you out of the cold, and you know its going to be cold.

If you have Spotify then get familiar with Islands...

Islands - A Sleep & a Forgetting (2012)

Islands - Vapors (2009)

Islands - Arm's Way (2008)

Islands - Return to the Sea (2006)

If you don't then do yourself a favor and get it. Get the net...

Show Information:

Hotel Utah

Islands with special guests Idiot Glee

Tuesday March 13, 2012

Doors: 6:30pm / Show: 7:00pm

$15 (that’s like a meal at McDonald’s now or something)


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