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Nick Santonastasso helps The Walking Dead infest Tokyo Japan

With AMC’s the Walking Dead not premiering until a week after the Super Bowl XLVIII, fans cannot wait for the season first episode. In the meantime Fox Entertainment , the cast and executive producers are heavily campaigning the show to 125 countries all over the world. One of these countries is Tokyo, Japan where the Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes), Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Special Effects/Executive producer Greg Nicotero were promoting this past week. Japanese fans love the show as much as U.S fans as cast members and an inspiring zombie look forward meeting them.

Special Effects & Executive producer Greg Nicotero works on Nick's Zombie look
FOX International

Now comes the prank. Nick Santonastasso, who is a quadriplegic and die-hard fan of the show was invited to join the cast to promote show. In his spare time, Nick makes videos of himself as a zombie and scares ordinary retail shoppers throughout the store. Greg Nicotero, impressed with his makeup and zeal for zombies, invites the youngster along to scare Norman in his hotel room.. Here is the video of of Nick’s encounter with Andrew, Greg, the makeup set-up as well as the actual prank in Norman Reedus room.

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FYI, the premiere of the Walking Dead will air on February 9th on AMC

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