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Nick Ryan scales new directorial heights with the real-life thriller The Summit

Reaching the summit . . . or did they?
Reaching the summit . . . or did they?
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In the summer of 2008, a multinational group of 22 experienced mountain climbers converged at a base camp and the set off to reach the top of K2, the second-highest mountain in the world, located on the border between Pakistan and China.
High sights.
But just 48 hours later, 11 of the climbers were dead or had vanished, making it the deadliest day in modern mountain climbing history. While memorials paid tribute to those who perished, there were also condemnations asking how such a tragedy could happen. Why do these athletes risk everything to reach a place humans are simply not meant to go? Why do they put their lives and the lives on others on the line in order to satisfy some indefinable need?
With breathtaking cinematography, the climbers' own firsthand footage and jaw-dropping reenactments based on the testimony of those who survived the climb, The Summit is a thrilling documentary about the very nature of adventure in the modern world. Director Nick Ryan's riveting film won the Editing Award at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and was named Best Adventure Film at the 2013 Boulder International Film Festival.