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Minaj snake: Live prop bites Nicki Minaj dancer, snake has mind of its own

Nicki Minaj's bum shaking moves were not the only thing dropping jaws during a rehearsal for her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. A six-foot snake taking a bite out of one of her dancers left people with their mouths gaping wide open aghast at what they just witnessed, according to Rolling Stone on Aug. 23.

Nicki Minaj dancer biten by 6-foot snake, which was part of the act she was rehearsing for MTV VMA show.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for BET

Minaj was performing to her song “Anaconda” and what else would she use as a prop, but a six-foot long Boa constrictor, who was apparently hungry enough to bite the dancer. It could be the snake was just tired of being on set with all the bum bouncing. The Friday night incident put a screeching halt on the rehearsal and the dancer was rushed to the hospital, according to the New York Daily News.

The dancer was sent to the hospital out of precaution, this was only to make sure the snake’s bite didn’t leave her with an infection of some sort. Capt. Rory Brunner of the Los Angeles Fire Department reports that the snake isn’t venomous, so there was no major concerns for the victim after she was bitten, reports ABC News.

Now that the slithering creature took a bite out of one of the dancers, it is not known if the snake will remain in the show after presenting a darker side. Will they get another snake or do away with the live Boa constrictor altogether? One way to find out is to watch Minaj during the MTV VMAs.

After the snake bit the dancer, someone on the set managed to corner the creature and get it into a container. More than likely that was the snake’s handlers as live animals on a set usually come with a handler.

You would probably want a handler with a snake of this size, it’s hard to imagine someone would just drop it off on the set and come back for it when they are done. Snakes are a creature that many are uneasy around and you can just imagine after the Boa constrictor bit the dancer that any uneasiness probably grew into fear!

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