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Nick Lowe swings into the Spiderman office.

New Senior Editor of Spiderman
New Senior Editor of Spiderman

Mike Marts returns to Marvel, the news doesn't stop there. Marvel announced on February 4th that Nick Lowe would be the new Senior Editor of all the Spiderman tittles. Guess you can say, Nick Lowe started from the bottom and now his here. Nick Lowe started at Marvel as a lowly intern. He job was to make copies and run errands. Lowe did move up the food chain and has edited many books like The Ultimates, Ultimate Iron Man, and Ultimate Spiderman. He has also worked on The Punisher: Born and Runaways.
After Axel Alonso left the position of editor on X Men, Lowe took over as editor.
With the news that Stephen Wacker heading west to join the Marvel animation team, Marvel announced that Nick Lowe would be taking his place. He is extremely excited exclaiming, " I've loved Spiderman since I stole my brother's Spidey comics back in the 90s! It's a huge honor to be working on Marvel's most popular character. After 10 years! I'm going to miss the X Men, but I'm excited to join the incredible group of men and women working on the books in the Spiderman office."
With all this exciting news coming out of Marvel we, of the comic book loving community, are super excited to see where Nick Lowe takes our friendly neighborhood Spiderman.