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Nick Lachey teams up with Lindt for Autism Awareness

Multi-platinum recording artist, Nick Lachey, joined Lindt in New York on April 4 to launch the Lindt GOLD BUNNY Celebrity Auction benefitting Autism Speaks and shared his personal connection to the cause.

Multi-platinum recording artist, Nick Lachey, joined Lindt in New York on Friday, April 4 to launch the Lindt Gold Bunny Celebrity Auction benefitting Autism Speaks. The event kicked off with Nick walking the red carpet and humoring the crowd by taking a huge bite of a near life size Lindt chocolate bunny. The room was lit up by the dozens of golden bunnies displayed around the room already signed by some of today’s biggest stars! As the event continued, Nick explained his personal connection to the cause is that his nineteen year old brother Zac was diagnosed with Autism at the tender age of seven. Nick is really passionate about the cause and was glad to be a part of the auction. After all was said and done, Nick signed his golden bunny then touched the Lindt screen and just like that the auction had officially begun. The event ended with loads of Lindt chocolate goodies that were up for grabs and I must say I helped myself to a handful or two!

Check out our interview with Nick below:

Q: Why is autism was such an important cause?

My brother’s autistic. I have a brother Zac, who’s nineteen and he’s been diagnosed since seven with autism. So it’s something that personally my family has become very familiar with over the last 16 years or whatever it’s been. But yeah it’s a personal cause and the research has shown that even more and more kids every year are being diagnosed. One in sixty-eight now is the new data, so it’s affected so many people out there. It’s just so many questions that need to be answered. It’s a great cause to be behind and obviously for me very personal.

Q: Also how do you feel about your partnership with Lindt on this event?

Well I couldn’t be more proud of my partnership. I mean for them to step up and spearhead this program and give so much to the cause is really great.

The Lindt Gold Bunny Celebrity Auction will be live until April 14. Anyone can bid on nearly 100 celebrity-autographed porcelain Lindt Gold Bunny figures from stars like George Stephanopoulos, Kelly Clarkson, Connie Britton, Lucy Hale, Ed O’Neill. All of the proceeds will be donated to Autism Speaks, and this year, Lindt will match the donation, up to $20,000. For more information visit:

Another local role model Arielle Patrick just hosted her own event called "Spin For Safety," which raised $7,000 for Autism Speaks. You can read more here.

Toyibat Oridami contributed reporting.

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