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Nick Jonas: "The Jonas Brothers and The Administration can co-exist"

Nick Jonas at the Grammy Nominations concert.
Nick Jonas at the Grammy Nominations concert.
AP Photo/Matt Sayles

There's multi-tasking and then there's Nick Jonas' type of multi-tasking. While the young rocker has been busy gearing up for a 2010 tour with The Administration and the February 2 release of Who I Am, he still has his mind set on future Jonas Brothers projects. It sounds nearly impossible to juggle two bands, a TV show, and a world tour, but Jonas isn't going through it alone.

"We've [Kevin, Joe and Nick] had long, honest conversations about it, and the truth is that this project and the Jonas Brothers can co-exist," he says. "Come mid-February, we're going to be back in production with the TV show and we'll be working on plans for another [Jonas Brothers] world tour next summer."

As for Jonas' band The Administration, he's proud to be working with such an accomplished group of musicians. Joining the teen star on the "Who I Am" tour are John Fields on bass, Michael Bland on drums, Tommy Barbarella on keyboards, and guitarists David Ryan Harris and Sonny Thompson. The band will be playing clubs and mid-size venues, giving the audience a more intimate and stripped down show compared to the Jonas Brothers' arena-rock spectacles. "This show will definitely be more about the music…I have three buses and one truck, instead of 17," Jonas says.

Nick Jonas & The Administration kicks off their U.S. tour January 2 at The House of Blues in Dallas, Texas. For complete concert dates and locations, visit the band's official Web site.


  • jaz 5 years ago

    nick j is soooo hot

  • lol 5 years ago

    he is bomb

  • em 5 years ago


  • impressed 5 years ago

    Very impressed with Nick as a songwriter and a young man. Much respect for him. Heard "Rose Garden" and was very moved. Have also been listening to JB songs - "Black Keys," "A Little Bit Longer," "Sorry," and "Turn Right" (JB's all wrote together?) - impressive. I'm in awe of melody/lyric-writing talent, especially someone who can do it so young. Wow. Best of luck to Nick on his new project.

  • taylor 5 years ago

    nick your amazing! and your gonna do great with the administration! good luck!

  • examinertoo 5 years ago

    Even though they say the Jonas Brothers arent breaking up... they are defintally going their seperate ways. and thats cool, celebs do GROW UP!

  • vitoria 5 years ago

    O jonas brothrs sao demais

  • ellie 5 years ago

    good luck Nick

  • brittany 5 years ago

    i love you nick!!!! <3 i'm so excited for this new project and i hope i see you in concert!!! i saw the jonas brothers in concert at the staples center in august and you guys were AMAZING!!!! you're gorgeous <33333

  • ghia bianca 5 years ago

    nick te iubesc sunt cel mai mare fan al tau mam uitat la toate filmele si concertele am 11 ani ochi caprui spre verde si te iubesc foarte mult tu esti cel mai frumos dintre toti cantareti I LOVE YOU TE IUBESC

  • **** 5 years ago

    jonas brothers

  • ilovemiley 5 years ago

    hey nick good luck on the tour i'm sure you are looking a hihg number on selling ur CD's not many of my friends like you but I will try to convince them into buying ur CD. I love the Song Who I'am I do have to say this I'm surprised that you wrote that song especially when you change Selena and Miley from who they were to someone totally different. Enjoy your carrer

  • suzan 5 years ago

    hoi nick ik ben nederlands
    maar een super fan van jou !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love you
    -xxxx- suzanne

  • baby qirl 5 years ago

    NiCk j0NAS iS AWES0ME!!!!!

  • baby qirl 5 years ago

    NiCk j0NAS iS AWES0ME!!!!!
    i l0VE hiM!!!

  • kensey 5 years ago

    NEXT WORLD TOUR!!! YEAHH! me and Jb baby!

  • jahnya 5 years ago

    nick jonas joe jonas si hit

  • jahnya 5 years ago

    jonas brothers i loves hit boys

  • jahnya 5 years ago

    jonas brothers i loves hit boys i loves

  • Kayla 5 years ago

    i'm so happy for nick! just as long as jb doesn't break up, i'm cool with whatever they do on their own:):):) <3 jonas brothers 4ever!

  • jahnya 5 years ago

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  • memoona 5 years ago

    Awesome! im really happy for him. as long as JB is there whatever they do is fine. I really wanna see joe in some movie too! nicl says joe's gonna work
    on acting. and sooo happy for kevim and dani!! all the best to all 3! <3

    follow me on twitter: lalune9617

  • jonasfan01 5 years ago

    nick i think ur a talented young fellow for 17.hope everything works out with the administration and the jonas brothers.thanks for all the songs and inspiration an happiness it gave me.good luck and thanks again.i love u:)

  • mrs jonas 5 years ago

    jonas brothers forever Next world tour

  • shaima(from Kuwait) 5 years ago

    good luck nick i love you