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Nick Jonas returns to guest star on season finale of 'Hawaii Five-0'

Captain Lou Grover, head of the Honolulu SWAT team, is in big trouble. The Season 4 finale of "Hawaii Five-0” on Friday featured Grover’s daughter being kidnapped. Nick Jonas reprised his role from a previous episode earlier in the season as Ian Wright.

Nick Jonas attends Vanity Fair and FIAT Celebration event.
Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Vanity Fair

The teenager computer hacker is in desperate need for money and chummies up with Samantha Grover. She has to break her lunch date with her dad to study. Things turn ugly when her fellow classmate wants to talk to her dad. Ian demands a kidnap ransom of $100 million. Sure just walk into any bank on the island and request it.

Opening the finale is Wo Fat who hasn’t made an appearance all season, except in the season premiere many moons ago. He’s still in the super maximum prison in Colorado. He does accumulate enough meds to make a bomb, which is how he makes his unbelievable escape with its intense explosion.

Meanwhile you see the usual tourist shots of Honolulu and Waikiki. There’s one of those “Rent Me” three-wheeler vehicles roaming around. This time it’s in hot pursuit of an automobile. Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams are involved in one of the most unusual and memorable car chase scenes. Danny is complaining of his partner’s driving, and he doesn’t want to die in a clown car. It so good seeing them back to their carguments. This is one of a few comic relief moments.

Grover cannot inform his fellow Five-0 teammates of his situation or his daughter dies. He has to literally break the law by providing gear and credentials to Ian’s thugs to rob an armor car that’s about to arrive at the airport. Grover and Five-0 collide in a deadly standoff. Strangely enough the $100 million that’s to be further transported isn’t there.

Naturally Grover is absolutely devastated, because the money has vanished based on a lead. He breaks down emotionally when Danno empathizes with him when his daughter Grace was also kidnapped. In a strange twist of fate Ian makes a bold appearance at the H50 headquarters.

Based on his immaculate computer hacking skills he found the location of the needed ransom. After Lou breaks into a drug kingpin’s compound, they’re able to get the money and take it to a certain location. It’s there Grover gets a phone call with the most miraculous news. His daughter walked into the H50 headquarters all by herself. She said Ian was shot and killed.

After the reunion between father and daughter, she tells them all the details of her escape. Ian was about to leave to get the ransom money when the doorbell rings. A man with a horribly burned face, Wo Fat, was at the door and shot Ian point blank in the chest. He approached the animal-like cage where Samantha was held hostage. Wo Fat fires the gun at the padlock and gently opens the caged door for her to leave.

She said she had a message from Wo Fat to McGarrett. He wants to meet up with him. Meanwhile Grover has to meet with the Governor. Later on he’s playing golf now that he’s retired from the SWAT team. All of the Five-0 members pay him a visit. Since he’s completely fired for his unforgivable stunt, McGarrett hands him a Five-0 badge. Lou Grover is now the fifth man on the team starting in Season 5.

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