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Nick Griffin live in Cincinnati

Comedian Nick Griffin
Comedian Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin

“I was talking to a friend of mine this week,” says comedian Nick Griffin. “And he said ‘Nick remember, no matter how bad it gets, there’s always someone worse off than you.’ So, now I’m depressed and worried about this other poor guy.”

Such is life for the Kansas City native, who really only understands one subject; himself. “I try to get…as personal with my own life as I can because I don’t know about anything else. Lately I’ve been talking about being depressed a lot (laughs).”

He actually does know a little about other people, as he explains, “(I’m) also talking about having to deal with other people and how in a hurry everyone is. They’re freaking me out a little bit, because I don’t have to be anywhere at any time. I’m a comic. I have to be on stage one hour a night. The rest of the time is mine. There are people in the front row (of shows) now texting some friend, who is two blocks away, in between jokes. You can’t have one second of free time on your hands?”

Like many stand-up comics, Griffin first got on stage in college, partly because he didn’t like school or the prospect of trying to find a career afterwards. “We used to drink at this bar (in Kansas City) that had open mic night. My friends talked me into doing it and I didn’t totally suck. I thought, ‘wow this is cool. I can drink and say dirty things on stage and they give me money.’ My parents were horrified but things worked out.”

Working only an hour or so a night, Griffin tries to find constructive things to do to occupy his free time. “I write screenplays that don’t sell. That’s my genre right now that I’m working on.” He explains, “you’re on the road and you’re in the middle of Boise, Idaho and there’s 23 hours to fill and you can only masturbate so many times before you go crazy. So I started working screenplays as a way to occupy my mind instead of drinking all day.”

Nick Griffin performs at Go Bananas Thursday March 11 through Sunday March 14


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