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Nick Carter responds to Joey Fatone's Backstreet Boys diss

Nick Carter was disappointed to hear that Joey Fatone had dissed the Backstreet Boys. On April 18, Carter tweeted, "Just disappointed, I really liked joey..." He also addressed Fatone's suggestion that BSB was selling out for money. As he commented, "I'm proud of who we are and love what we stand for. Truthfully its about not letting our fans down. Sorry bro but you have us all wrong."

Nick Carter was disappointed about Joey Fatone's BSB diss.
Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Still, Carter is not going to waste too much time on petty boy band feuds. As the newlywed star concluded, "Now let me go back to enjoying my Honeymoon." This month, Carter married Lauren Kitt whom he described as "my best friend and woman of my dreams."

Carter is responding to an April 17 Huffington Post interview in which Fatone suggested that BSB was touring again because they needed the money. When interviewer Caitlyn Becker asked if he thought BSB was touring in order to one-up 'N Sync, Fatone responded, "I feel like they just need the money. No offense, guys. But I'm saying, if you think about it, it's like, 'Why are you coming back out again?'"

Fatone also shot down the possibility of another 'N Sync reunion. He explained that everyone had their own lives, their own relationships, and their own careers now. He said that having been gone for ten years, it would be difficult to figure out a logical next step. As he commented, "at this moment in time is anything gonna happen? Absolutely, 100 percent this moment."

Was Fatone just making an off-color joke about BSB? Or was he taking a serious dig at the rival boy band? Either way, this interview does not cast him in a flattering light. Even if these guys are touring "for the money," would that be so wrong? These are professional musicians working to support themselves and their families. Why not keep their fans happy in the process?

Fatone comes across as a bit jealous. While BSB is still making music together and doing what they love, he's stuck doing hair transplant commercials, and hosting a "Chopped" knockoff show on Food Network. Maybe he's the one who needs the money.

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