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Nick Cannon Mariah Carey marriage on the rocks

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There have been rumors for several weeks about possible marriage trouble for Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey. It has been confirmed that the power couple have hit a snag in their relationship and have been living separately since May. On Thursday, TMZ reported that divorce is on the horizon for Carey and Cannon.

It looks like this might be the end for Nick and Mariah as the same report states that the pair have already retained lawyers and are working on details of property division and custody of their children. Despite having been separated for months, it wasn't until today that 33-year old Nick Cannon finally broke his silence and spilled the beans.

Apparently all was well, or well enough, until March when Cannon appeared on Big Boy's radio show and was asked to name five celebrities he had slept with. Nick played right along and named all five. Allegedly, Nick Cannon's admission to bedding the now-married Kim Kardashian is what sent Mariah off the deep end.

According to the report, the "Emotions" singer was feeling all of her emotions after hearing the radio show. Mariah Carey reportedly just wouldn't let it go and the stress it put on their marriage is what caused the eventual crumble.

Sources have spoken up for Carey as well, claiming that she has been ready to end it with Cannon for months. As a matter of fact, two of her homes are up for sale at this point. The Bermudas home which was also the location of the Carey-Cannon wedding is up for sale as well as her pad in Bel Air.

The couple share fraternal 3-year old twins Monroe and Morrocan. When asked about their troubled marriage, Cannon denies that the break down of their union had anything to do with infidelity and stated, "My main focus is my kids."