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Nick Cannon confirms living apart from Mariah Carey

Nick and Mariah
Nick and Mariah
Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey rumors have been going wild and now Nick is confirming that things are not great between this married couple. On Thursday, ABC News shared that Nick is admitting now that the two are split up and things are not going well for them.

The host of "America's Got Talent" said that they have been living apart for months. He is being a good dad though and said that his main focus is on his children right now. They are obviously very important to both of them.

Mariah and Nick have been married since 2008 and had their twins in 2011. You would have never thought for a second that they had problems. They have both always acted like their marriage was just fine. The rumors started flying today and Nick thought it was time to finally admit that yes they are living apart. At this time, things are not looking good for the couple and it is unknown if there is any change that they will work it out.

Her publicist is still not speaking out at all. Fans of Mariah Carey will have to wait for her to be ready to talk to fans about what is going on in her marriage.