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Nicholas Sparks' latest romance 'The Best of Me' releases its first trailer

The first trailer for The Best of Me, the latest romance from author Nicholas Sparks, has been released today courtesy of Relativity Media. This is the ninth film Sparks has authored, and if history is any indication, this will be just another litany of romance tropes and overworked clichés. Unfortunately, this new trailer does nothing to dispel that notion. Only the lovelorn need apply.

Actress Michelle Monaghan, who will play the older version of Amanda in The Best of Me.
Photo by Jonathan Leibson
Actor James Marsden, plays the lead in Nicholas Sparks' latest romance, The Best of Me.
Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

The Best of Me follows two young lovers, Dawson and Amanda, who are reunited 20 years after their high school love affair ended. Even after all that time, the couple quickly finds that they still love one another. If that plot description sounds at all humanly plausible, then you are just the type of hopeless romantic that Sparks has been making money off of for years. Hopefully you will get your money’s worth when the finished product is released.

It’s definitely a strange decision to have two different actors play roles that are supposed to be 20 years apart. When the trailer juxtaposes their faces side by side, one wonders why they only look 10 years older and nothing like their younger selves. Casting didn’t even bother to attempt the illusion. Perhaps they know that their audience doesn’t really care that much. As long as the actors are hot and appear to be in love, the finer points can be forgiven.

The Best of Me will open for a wide release on October 17. The film stars James Marsden, Luke Bracey, Michelle Monaghan and Liana Liberato as the couple in question. The trailer urges fans of the book to blow up Twitter with #TheBestOfMe. Sparks’ fans have already begun to do so. As trite as the trailer may appear, the book’s fans are simply unwavering in their devotion, even when many have voiced that they found the book to be somewhat lacking. Here’s hoping the finished product won’t disappoint them.

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