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Nicholas K showcases rugged monochromatic accessories for Spring 2011

Nicholas K Spring 2011
Nicholas K Spring 2011
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for IMG

Nicholas K kicked off New York Fashion Week in the new Tents at Lincoln Center with a show full of flowing, sporty accessories in monochromatic neutral tones (gray, khaki, beige, black, cream) and unisex styles. All models clomped down the runway in combat boots, many wearing reflective aviators and slouchy wool caps. There were a lot of vests worn open with the hoods up--looking more fall than spring--and vests with long front hems. The focus of many of the vests seemed to actually be the hood itself, which consumed most of the cloth of the garment. A few capelets were scattered throughout. One oversized tote bag was carried down the runway. The most unique accessory was the fringed scarf tied around models' waists, even men's.

For Angelenos, this collection is a great way to stay warm year-round, and the neutral colors guarantee that they will work in both spring and fall. A light vest or sleeveless coat with a hood is a great way to keep warm on barely chilly LA nights. Just remember it's all about the draping, not the clinging.

Check out the slideshow for a closer look at the collection.