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Nicholas Hoult's Beast character faces off with Hugh Jackman's Wolverine

According to on Thursday, it seems that Norton by Symantec is promoting their product via "X-Men: Days of Future Past". Logan/Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman, makes his grand appearance at the battered Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters to track down Professor Charles Xavier. As seen in previous trailers, Logan attempts to convince Charles that he was sent there by his future self.

Beast (Nicholas Hoult) unleashes his inner beast
Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox, used with permission

The brunt of the new content revealed today was the fact he encounters Beast, played by Nicholas Hoult. Logan encounters some resistance in attempting to keep the Wolverine out of the mansion only to jab Hank McCoy in the face saying they're friends, but "he just doesn't know it yet". At first, Hank just makes a face that looks like he just took a bite out of a lemon, but eventually angers him and unleashes the fury as he faces off with the Wolverine.

This looks to be the scene that precedes Logan's encounter with Professor Xavier as he attempt to give him insight into what kind of future they have to look forward to. The story entails a bleak situation where Sentinels take over the world eliminating both human beings and mutants. The intent back in the "good old days" of Bolivar Trask where he first invents Sentinel Technology in the 70s to take care of mutants who he considers to be a nuisance to the world. It seems that since the Cuban Missile Crisis, the scientific master mind Trask nips the mutant nuisance in the bud before it spreads into modern day society.

That being said, Trask encounters the mutant Mystique, also known as Raven Darkholme, in another recent clip during a military meeting where he demonstrates a device that's useful in detecting mutants, but non-reactive around humans. So it appears he's demonstrating a piece of technology to help benefit the fight against mutants. It apparently is able to pick up Raven and she reacts accordingly.

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" opens in theaters come May 23.

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