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Nic Cage dawns Southern accent in David Gordon Green's 'Joe' trailer

The domestic trailer for David Gordon Green’s latest film Joe was just released earlier today. This comes two weeks after the international trailer, subtitled in French, was issued onto the internet with little fanfare. Perhaps some were tired of Green’s uneven antics as a director, or perhaps Nicolas Cage’s attempt at a country-fried Southern accent was just too much to handle. The film premiered at the 70th International Venice Film Festival last August and has screened at the Deauville Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival since, receiving largely positive reviews.

A poster for the upcoming film, Joe.
Roadside Attractions
Nicolas Cage stars in the title role of the upcoming film, Joe.
Roadside Attractions

Some skeptics may be crossing their fingers for Green’s latest, a director who once offered up indie gems like George Washington (2000) and All the Real Girls (2003). After hitting the big time with Pineapple Express (2008), expectations for the director were quickly dashed by the release of his two subsequent big-budget flops (The Sitter, Your Highness). However, last year saw a return to form with Prince Avalanche, a film that made it on my list of top 100 critically acclaimed films of the past year. This new trailer for Joe looks interesting, and despite Cage’s intermittent Southern drawl, this film might be one to keep an eye out for.

Joe will come to D.C. theaters on April 11 for a limited release…maybe. Actually, there’s no telling if any of the smaller theaters here will host the film as its distributor has yet to make venue details public. The film stars Cage, Tye Sheridan, Sue Rock, Heather Kafka, Ronnie Gene Blevins and Aaorn Spivey-Sorrells. For more information about the film, check out its official website.