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Frozen Niagra Falls: It's common, not just a 'polar vortex' event

Niagra Falls frozen
Niagra Falls frozen
Reuters/ Aaron Harris

Though it’s doubtful one might need a news report to tell him or her this, the Washington Post is reporting that Niagra Falls in New York state is frozen over. While it may not be surprising with the current temperatures in upper New York at this time, the sight of the frozen water falls is really something to be seen.

Yet, the Washington Post claims that the photos of Niagra Falls frozen over are misleading. The news source claims that the current temperatures of approximately 20 degrees at that location are not that different than the usual 16-to-32 degrees that are experienced there from year-to-year.

In other words, the “Polar Vortex” talk is being tossed aside because the freezing over is a common experience where entrepreneurs set up shop to sell items from their concessions most every year. Additionally, it’s asserted that people walk across the United States-to-Canada border on ice most every year due to the common cold temperatures in the area.

The Washington Post claims that many of the pictures going viral on the Internet which show Niagra Falls frozen over in recent days were actually taken in years past – and not during the alleged “Polar Vortex.”