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Niagara Rises working to bring pride and hope to Niagara Falls residents

Niagara Rises working to bring pride and hope to Niagara Falls residents
Niagara Rises working to bring pride and hope to Niagara Falls residents
Photo courtesy of Niagara Rises used with permission

Niagara Rises, Inc. is a grass roots group of local volunteers based in Niagara Falls, N.Y. working to improve the vitality and viability of Niagara Falls. These volunteers are committed to raising awareness of the region’s positive attributes and combating poverty in the neighborhoods of Niagara Falls.

On Saturday, May 11 Niagara Rises took part in the “Stamp Out Hunger” drive in conjunction with the United States Post Office. Volunteers converged on the post office in Niagara Falls and gave tirelessly of their time to ensure that food pantries like The Lighthouse Soup Kitchen receives all the items possible to help feed their neighbors in need.

Niagara Rises is also committed to combating juvenile delinquency in the community. It is important to re-engage each and every resident of Niagara Falls in bettering the future of every single child and teenager as well as the quality of life of reach and every resident.

Niagara Falls deserves the opportunity to shine bright again, and Niagara Rises intends to do this by spotlighting the amazing people who live in the region, those willing to lead the way to a brighter future through their actions and example. These individuals refuse to fall victim to apathy and watch as the great city of Niagara Falls, N.Y. falls deeper and deeper into poverty.

The need for volunteers is great and you can join Niagara Rises in making a difference. No longer will residents of Niagara Falls fall victim to apathy. Scholarships are available for high school seniors who have taken an active role in the community, maintained a sound academic record and have thoughtful recommendations on ways to aid in the improvement of the Niagara Region.

For more information and to find out the time and date of the next meeting, visit the Niagara Rises Facebook page or contact Becky Marchetti at (716) 628-6727 or Brett Biro at 579-5817. Changing the circumstances in Niagara Falls will only happen if everyone rises up together and takes action.