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NHL weekend preview: This is the end

The Dallas Stars are fighting for the final open playoff spot.
The Dallas Stars are fighting for the final open playoff spot.
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

We've hit the final weekend of the NHL regular season. Every team has a couple games left, sure, but then that's it. For the teams that aren't making the playoffs, at least. They will be busy retooling front offices and preparing for the NHL Draft. Unfortunately, this may not be a terribly exciting final weekend. There is only one playoff spot open, and only two teams, Dallas and Phoenix, fighting for it. However, there is a still a glimmer of hope there.

Dallas is hosting St. Louis on Friday, while Phoenix hosts San Jose on Saturday. Those are two tough matchups, although the Blues have scuffled a bit recently, and may not even hold on to the Central Division. Then, on Sunday, the Stars and Coyotes face off. So, if this isn't figured out by Sunday, the final game of the NHL regulat season sees those two teams playing. That would be very exciting.

Otherwise, there are games that could decide a bit, but not a ton. Detroit plays Carolina and St. Louis. Columbus visits the Lightning and Panthers. Philly goes to Pittsburgh and then hosts the Hurricanes. The Rangers take on the Canadiens. The Avalanche, still fighting for the Central surprisingly, has to take on San Jose on Anaheim. That is tough on paper, but on the other hand the Ducks and Sharks have nothing left to play for. Chicago takes on Washington and Nashville.

Those seem like the games worth noting. Other teams play too. Feel free to watch those games. Watch them all. There are a lot of games this weekend. Enjoy. The playoffs are almost here.